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How do I move time from one project to another?

To change the project that saved time is associated with, you’ll need to edit the time directly from the Timesheet (for a specific person) or on the Edit Time page. Note: If you’re editing time directly on the task, changing the client/project is not allowed. The Edit Time page allows for bulk editing of time, […]

Does Intervals include CRM functionality?

If you are looking for true CRM functionality in a system with leads, opportunities, contact management and a funnel, Intervals doesn’t do that. However, Intervals can be used as a sales tool to keep track of leads and bids. A sales project can be used to keep all of your template documents stored within Intervals that […]

Can a project belong to more than one client?

The short answer is, no. There is a one to many relationship between clients and projects. Meaning, a project can belong only to one client, but, a client can have multiple projects assigned. To see which client is associated with a project, use the project listing or the project profile pages. On the listing page, […]

I can’t add time? What is an approved time frame?

If you see this error message while adding time, it means that the timesheet for the given week has been approved. By design, approved timesheets are locked and cannot be edited without unapproving the timesheet first. Administrator level users can unapprove timesheets that are locked. To unapprove a timesheet: 1. As an Administrator, navigate to Time […]

Can I create a quote or estimate that a client signs off on?

Intervals does not natively do estimates that a client signs off on at this time. We are contemplating adding estimates but the feature is not on the development plan at this time. One of the challenges we have learned is that people do bids in very different ways. When we used to do primarily web […]

Can I run a report that shows hours by task status?

There are a couple of options on this front. The task listing itself can be used to filter tasks by a desired status. Click here for an example of what that looks like. This will show the estimated and actual hours for the tasks as well, but there will not be a breakdown of the […]

Can I create recurring tasks?

Recurring tasks are supported. This group of recurring task help articles includes tips and tricks and common questions around using recurring tasks. If you prefer to manually manage ongoing and recurring tasks instead of using recurring tasks feature there are a few options. Tasks can be rescheduled or copied to achieve a similar purpose. Copying […]

Can I setup a rate per person?

The most common use for work types is for the type of activity being performed as opposed to the person, but Intervals is pretty flexible with how it handles work types and you can create rates per person. We have seen a lot of different ways to do it. For example: Junior Copywriting Senior Copywriting […]

How do I locate the link to my account in order to login?

Each Intervals account comes with a unique subdomain that identifies the account. This is done by design so that you can personalize Intervals to match your brand as much as possible without the name “Intervals” being front and center. Sometimes people forget the unique URL for their account so they don’t know where to login. […]

Should a “job” be a project or a task?

It really depends on how big the job is. Think of a project as a “container” for multiple tasks. If in order to execute the “job” you need to have multiple tasks to complete it, create a project that houses all the tasks that make up that job. If the job has a short lifespan […]

How do I change my password?

Each user can change their password by navigating to ‘Change Password’ under their user profile: The second step is to enter the new password and click save:  

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