Why are CSV exports not preserving special characters?

Update: Excel 2007 and higher automatically detects encoding and does not require the steps below. If you are using an older version follow these steps: Extended characters (UTF-8 characters) can be preserved if the spreadsheet program opens the file with UTF-8 encoding.  For Excel it does not support opening CSV files with special characters, or […]

Importing people: three ways to do it

Importing as contacts In Intervals, Contacts do not have ability to log in so none of their user account fields are required, such as the username or password. If an email is supplied, it will only be used to populate the contact card for that person. If you’re not already familiar with contacts, have a look […]

Exporting data

Any Administrator level user with access to Settings & Defaults has the ability to export data. All account data (except for documents) can be exported in CSV or XML format by navigating to Settings & Defaults > Export Data. Each major section of your account data is available for export. The only exception are Documents […]

Importing data

Overview Intervals can import the items listed below. The import is available to any administrator level user that has access to the Settings & Defaults section by navigating to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> Import data. If your account is already populated, feel free to import any individual import at any time, but if […]

Basecamp™ classic import

Introduction The import utility in Intervals will import your data from Basecamp™. However, it does require you to be on Basecamp™ classic. It will not work with Basecamp™ Next, or Basecamp 3.  If you recently signed up for Basecamp™, it is very likely you are not using Basecamp™ Classic. Basecamp™ Next was released in early 2012. […]

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