How do I collapse the footer dock to hide the timers?

The footer includes timers and the search bar. The functionality allows you to start, stop, and apply timers from any page. The search functionality allows you to search for tasks, projects, project notes, documents, people, invoices, and the work request queue. There is a link to the advanced search as well. If you find yourself […]

Using the Project Activity report to review and edit time

Intervals allows you organize and run reports on your time in an infinite number of ways. However, this freedom to track time how you want means that there are few constraints. So, how do you make sure your team is tracking their time as instructed? Running a Project Activity report by task is one of […]

Using the Crosschart report to review time

Intervals can track time many different ways and tries not to place too many constraints on the time tracking process. So, how do you make sure your team is tracking their time as instructed? The Crosschart Report is one of three different methods we typically recommend to our customers who want to review their team’s […]

Using the Edit Time page to audit and correct time entries

Intervals is agile and flexible time tracking software that allows you organize your time an infinite number of ways. However, this open and flexible approach to time tracking means that there are few constraints. So, how do you make sure your team is tracking their time as instructed? Employing the Edit Time page is one […]

Can I track time off (vacation & sick leave)?

Intervals doesn’t do accruals but if you need to track total time it can definitely do that. Vacation and sick leave can be tracked in Intervals by utilizing a “Time Off” project. Unless you need modules we recommend creating one “general” module for this project. That way, when time is added and the project is […]

Can I see when team members applied their time?

If you would like to see when time is being added by your team members, there is a somewhat hidden feature that might help. By exporting their timesheet or individual time entries, the “Date Modified” column will show when the person added or edited each time entry. For example: It can be used to show […]

How do I modify an already approved timesheet?

When a timesheet has been approved, it becomes “locked” and changes are unable to be made. There are instances where a timesheet may need to be modified, e.g. time was assigned to the wrong project or module. In order to make a change to a “locked” timesheet, the timesheet will need to be unapproved. To […]

Bulk submitting and approval of timesheets

Only administrator level users can approve timesheets. Administrator level users see all projects and are not limited by the project permissions, so any administrator level user can submit and approve time. Even if doing a detailed review of timesheets is not part of your process, we recommend approving timesheets regularly to “lock” in the tracked […]

Tracking time on tasks

In Intervals most time is tracked directly onto tasks, although it is not a must. Below are ways in which time can be added to tasks. 1. From the Task List page Right click on task > select Add Time from the menu Note: Right click is available on any location of the task row […]

Easily add time from the Home Page

From the Home Page you can quickly and easily add time. Here are a few shortcuts. Ways to add time in Week calendar view Click on the Add Time button. Right click on a day to add time for that day. Need to enter multiple time entries? Click on Add multiple time entries link. Right click […]

Easily add time from your Timesheet

Here are a few shortcuts that might help make adding time to your timesheet a little faster. Right click on already existing time Right clicking in a specific row and column will display an add time window for that day with the client/project pre-filled. Right click on a day in the header Right clicking on […]

How do I set a project as billable or unbillable?

Intervals allows you to set a project to billable or unbillable when editing or creating a new project. The billable yes/no preference is on the project profile page. This option controls the default setting for the Add Time dialogue for that specific project. When a project is set to billable, the Billable checkbox on the […]

Can I see who has timers running?

Intervals allows Administrator level users to see who has an active timer by navigating to Time > Active timers. There are filtration options to select the desired client, project or person and there is an option to only show running timers (timers that are not paused). Here are a few of the uses for the […]

Can I see who has not tracked time?

One of the core features of Intervals is time tracking project management. When users track their time in Intervals, the time entries are aggregated into a weekly timesheet which can be submitted for approval. All Administrator level users are notified and can approve submitted timesheets. To see users that have not submitted their timesheet(s), as […]

How do I move time from one project to another?

To change the project that saved time is associated with, you’ll need to edit the time directly from the Timesheet (for a specific person) or on the Edit Time page. Note: If you’re editing time directly on the task, changing the client/project is not allowed. The Edit Time page allows for bulk editing of time, […]

I can’t add time? What is an approved time frame?

If you see this error message while adding time, it means that the timesheet for the given week has been approved. By design, approved timesheets are locked and cannot be edited without unapproving the timesheet first. Administrator level users can unapprove timesheets that are locked. To unapprove a timesheet: 1. As an Administrator, navigate to Time […]

Why can’t I add time to a Client?

In Intervals, time isn’t added directly to a client, but rather to a project belonging to the client. Once a project has been added to a client they will be eligible for adding time. When adding time, only active projects appear in the dropdown lists, so be sure they have at least one active project.

📱 Is there an Intervals mobile app for Android or iPhone?

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. The app allows you to track your time, manage your tasks, and update your projects when you are on the go. Features include: – Time tracking – Timers – Weekly timesheets – Task management – Task collaboration – Task assignment and prioritization – Document management […]

Time tracking advanced tips & tricks

Because time tracking is one of the core features of Intervals, multiple ways to add time are provided, saving you time and clicks. Areas within Intervals that allow for multiple options when adding time: Home Page Timesheet (Time Tab) Tasks Mobile Device Quickly add time to a Task from the Add Time dialog First, select […]

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