What are task owners, assignees and followers?

Participants Managing a lot of tasks across several team members can quickly get confusing. Keeping track of who is responsible for what is a challenge. By associating tasks to people on your team, whether it be as an owner, assignee, or follower, helps the team know who is doing what, and who to go to […]

Why can’t I see certain people when creating a task?

There are three requirements for the user to appear in the owner, assignee and follower dropdowns in tasks. The user must be a person who can log in (not a contact) and their status must be set to active. They are not an executive level user.  Executive users cannot be owners, assignees or followers of […]

How do I create a task?

Intervals allows for all user levels, except the executive level, to create tasks. The primary way of creating a task is via Tasks >> Create task. If you are viewing a project profile, there is also a link in the left sidebar titled “Create a new task for this project”. If you need to create more […]

Can I search for when a task was closed?

You can. The advanced search that is available in the footer dock can search by when tasks were closed. 1. In the footer dock on the lower right, click on Advanced Search link. 2. On the advanced task search you can specify closed tasks and when the task was closed. This will return a task […]

Save, delete or replace existing views/filters

Views/Filters can be created so you can quickly return to a favorite view. If you want to quickly view tasks for a given client or tasks that meet certain priorities or status, a saved filter allows you to return to that view quickly, making task management more efficient. Note: In the example below, we’re filtering […]

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