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Can I copy time entries?

Time can be copied using the Copy icon in the following locations: 1. Under the Time Tab on the Timesheet Detail of time entries for the week 2. Under the Time Tab on the Edit Time page 3. On any task detail page, located in the Time tab under the task Summary

Can I add time manually?

Yes, time can be manually added using any of these methods: Directly on the timesheet using the Add time button or by right-clicking the day of the week. The calendar on the home page, by right clicking on any date on the calendar or by clicking the Add time button in the weekly view. Add […]

How do I use the timers?

There are two types of timers. General and Task timers. Each user can start a general timer or a task timer based on their preference and what they are working on. Administrator level users are able to manage currently running/active timers via the Active timers page. Note: Executive users do not have access to timers. When […]

Do I have to track time on tasks?

No. Time tracking on tasks is not required. Time can be added at the project level. When starting a general timer the time will be applied at the project level by default, but it can be saved to a task as well. Note: The only difference between tracking time on tasks vs projects is that […]

What is the timesheet submission and approval process?

Weekly Timesheets & Approvals (7:17) Intervals follows a Monday – Sunday submission and approval workflow where people are prompted to submit their weekly timesheets for approval by an administrator. When a timesheet is approved the week in question is locked and the user who owns the timesheet will no longer be able to add time. […]

Who can approve timesheets?

Only administrator level users can approve timesheets. Since Intervals features project level permissions, managers only see projects where they share access with a resource so they could potentially only have a partial view into what the person has worked on. Administrator level users see all projects and are not limited by the project permissions, so […]

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