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User Levels

An introduction to the various user levels. Intervals includes four different user levels that, when combined with project level permissions, control what people see and what they can do. The user level (Administrator, Manager, Resource, and Executive) controls the general view for that person. The project permissions control which projects a person can view and […]

Project Management

Don’t let a project spin out of control ever again. Ah, the joy and pain of managing projects. We built Intervals after two of our own larger projects spun out of control. We didn’t know we were over budget until it was too late. Intervals is here to make sure you know where your budgets […]


Know thyself. Know thy business. Reporting is one of the areas that really sets Intervals apart. You’ll discover lots of new ways of managing projects, team efforts and business productivity. Check out the bevy of reporting tools available to you, in the Reports section: For example, you can view a Mr. Pie Chart Report by […]

Client Management

Know which clients matter the most to your success. Who is your most important client? Which client uses up the most of your time? We added the Clients section to Intervals to help you “quantify the emotion” of being a service-based business. It quickly becomes obvious which clients are paying the bills and which clients […]


Store and retrieve all your files online. Upload any type of file or attach files from Google drive directly to a project, milestone, or task. What types of files? A newly signed contract, a design comp, a snippet of code, or a screenshot. Once attached, you can access the files anywhere you have internet access. […]


Invoice early and often. Get paid quicker. Create invoices in the same place that you track all of your work. Then, print, export or email them to your clients. There are two ways to create invoices within Intervals. Prefilled with work performed – select a start and end date and Intervals will pull all of […]

Homepage Calendar – The ins and outs

View your projects and tasks in one place. The calendar has three different views — week, month, or custom view. The custom view allows you to pick a date range in case you need specific dates. And, each view can subscribed to using the iCalendar feature, so you can keep your 3rd party calendars synchronized. The week view […]

Miscellaneous Utilities

Discover the subtleties of Intervals Project Notes These are notes you can add to a project. They are perfect for any project related information that might be useful. Project management notes have two modes: general and private. General notes can be read and accessed by anyone assigned to a project. Private notes, indicated by a […]

How do I get an API token?

The Intervals API uses token-based authentication. Every Intervals user has a unique 11-character alphanumeric token that looks something like this: a78828gq6t4. Each person must manually enable his or her Intervals API token by going to the My Account -> API Access under Options. There, you will be able to view, generate, revoke, and regenerate your token. […]

Can email notifications be disabled for tasks?

Each team member can edit their own task email notification settings by navigating to ‘My Email Preferences’ under their user profile: Under the ‘Notifications’section, uncheck the boxes labeled ‘Task Comments,’ ‘Task Updates,’ and any other notifications you want to turn off: It is also possible for an administrator level user to do this for others […]

Can I include or ignore words in my search?

Intervals’ search supports advanced operators. To exclude a word, add a dash (-) before a word or phrase to exclude all results that include that word: jaguar -car You can also use quotes to exclude a whole phrase: soccer -“world cup” You can also target searches to the name or description of a project and […]

Advanced theme editor tips & tricks

Intervals features an advanced theme editor that allows you to change the appearance by making additions to the stylesheets.  This allows you to add more personalized changes to the interface easily with the use of CSS including fonts. (See examples below screenshots) To access this part of the application, you’ll need to be an administrator level […]

Why can’t I add time to a Client?

In Intervals, time isn’t added directly to a client, but rather to a project belonging to the client. Once a project has been added to a client they will be eligible for adding time. When adding time, only active projects appear in the dropdown lists, so be sure they have at least one active project.

Why are CSV exports not preserving special characters?

Update: Excel 2007 and higher automatically detects encoding and does not require the steps below. If you are using an older version follow these steps: Extended characters (UTF-8 characters) can be preserved if the spreadsheet program opens the file with UTF-8 encoding.  For Excel it does not support opening CSV files with special characters, or […]

I don’t see the option for Settings & Defaults, why?

Only administrators with permission to it are allowed. If you are an administrator and can’t see the menu item, your best bet is to reach out to another administrator who has access to make the change for you or to have them enable access to this section.

Can documents be added or deleted via the API?

Currently there is not a way to add or delete documents via the API. The API supports read-only access to the documents section. For more information about the supported actions please visit the documentations page for API docs.

Who can use the API?

The API can be used by these access levels: Administrator Manager Resource Executive The same user permissions that apply in the interface also apply to the API. We built our API according to RESTful API standards, which is the most common standard for developing APIs. Any developer that is competent and well versed in using RESTful APIs […]

Do users only see projects for clients they are associated with?

No. There is not a one to one relationship with clients and projects like some other software. With Intervals a non administrator can see any projects where they have been specified as a member of the project team regardless of which client they are associated with. If a person does not have access to a […]

Do you have aging? How do I see overdue invoices?

If you are hoping to see the typical 30, 60, 90 days overdue, Intervals does not currently display overdue invoices in this fashion.  Overdue invoices are shown by how many days they are overdue. To manage overdue invoices, you can use a pre-set filter by navigating to Invoices >> Overdue Invoices. Additionally, you can filter them […]

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