What’s an example of taking a task from start to finish?

At the core, a task has a title and a summary to describe the work that needs to be done. A task can have documents uploaded to it as well. Intervals is built out of a ticketing system philosophy where a task changes statuses throughout its life prior to being closed. Because of this, tasks are […]

📱 Is there an Intervals mobile app for Android or iPhone?

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. The app allows you to track your time, manage your tasks, and update your projects when you are on the go. Features include: – Time tracking – Timers – Weekly timesheets – Task management – Task collaboration – Task assignment and prioritization – Document management […]

Task management advanced tips & tricks

These simple and effective advanced task management tips will save you time completing common operations, search queries, and updating tasks. 1. Common operations using the right click menu If you right click on a task you will see options for changing common task attributes. For your convenience, the command will appear within a light box […]

Can I view more fields in the task list?

On the task list there is the option to “Show widescreen view.” For example: Enabling the widescreen view will include additional columns on the task list. When enabled, the following columns are added: Client Milestone Module Start date Time remaining This option is additionally available on the client, project, and milestone tabs. Also, you can […]

How do I change the sort order of the task list?

With how Intervals currently works tasks can be sorted by any of the column headings. For example, to sort by task number, click the “#” at the top of the list. Clicking again will filter the list in the opposite direction. Currently Intervals does not support a second sort order, but by default the second sort […]

Can I create multiple tasks at once?

The Create multiple tasks link can be used to create several tasks at once. For example: Another method is administrator users can import data via Tasks > Import Tasks. This method requires you to upload an Excel CSV formatted document with your task data in it. For more details on this, just follow the steps in […]

How do I update tasks in bulk?

Tasks can be updated in bulk, at a maximum of 200 at a time (max number of items per page) using the check boxes paired with the “With selected” drop-down menu at the bottom of the task list. A common use of the bulk task update functionality is to close multiple tasks at once. When […]

Can I export the task listing?

Yes, the task list (and almost any list on Intervals) can be exported to CSV format to be manipulated by a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. Just click the export to CSV icon that is located in the top right of the page:    

Task & milestone email integration

Each task and milestone has a unique email address containing its number. For example, to email task #123, send an email to task+123@your-subdomain.intervalsonline.com. Where 123 is the task number, your-subdomain is replaced with your account’s sub-domain, and intervalsonline is replaced with the domain you are currently using. When an authorized sender emails the task or milestone, […]

How do I use the filters on the task listing?

What are filters? A filter is just a way to slice the task list into specific data you want to see. When a filter is active there is a message at the top of the list saying which fields are currently being manipulated (see screenshot below). The list will always be filtered until the filter is […]

Can clients be assignees on tasks?

If you are using executive users for your clients, they cannot be owners, assignees, or followers on tasks. If you are hoping to make your clients owners and assignees of tasks and make them more involved in your workflow, some Intervals customers use the resource level user or manager level user with clients. We recommend creating […]

What are task owners, assignees and followers?

Participants Managing a lot of tasks across several team members can quickly get confusing. Keeping track of who is responsible for what is a challenge. By associating tasks to people on your team, whether it be as an owner, assignee, or follower, helps the team know who is doing what, and who to go to […]

Why can’t I see certain people when creating a task?

There are three requirements for the user to appear in the owner, assignee and follower dropdowns in tasks. The user must be a person who can log in (not a contact) and their status must be set to active. They are not an executive level user.  Executive users cannot be owners, assignees or followers of […]

How do I create a task?

Intervals allows for all user levels, except the executive level, to create tasks. The primary way of creating a task is via Tasks >> Create task. If you are viewing a project profile, there is also a link in the left sidebar titled “Create a new task for this project”. If you need to create more […]

Time tracking advanced tips & tricks

Because time tracking is one of the core features of Intervals, multiple ways to add time are provided, saving you time and clicks. Areas within Intervals that allow for multiple options when adding time: Home Page Timesheet (Time Tab) Tasks Mobile Device Quickly add time to a Task from the Add Time dialog First, select […]

Can I copy time entries?

Time can be copied using the Copy icon in the following locations: 1. Under the Time Tab on the Timesheet Detail of time entries for the week 2. Under the Time Tab on the Edit Time page 3. On any task detail page, located in the Time tab under the task Summary

Can I add time manually?

Time can be manually added via these methods: Directly to the timesheet using the Add time button or by right-clicking the day of the week. The calendar on the home page, by right clicking on any date on the calendar or by the Add time button in the weekly view. By adding multiple time entries […]

How do I use the timers?

There are two types of timers. General and Task timers. Each user can start a general timer or a task timer based on their preference and what they are working on. Administrator level users are able to manage currently running/active timers via the Active timers page. Note: Executive users do not have access to timers. When […]

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