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Mapping to service fields on invoices exported to QuickBooks Online

Our mapping is pretty simple: If the name of an invoice line item matches a service in QuickBooks, then we instruct QuickBooks to use it as one. Because of this, freeform invoices and invoices based on work performed can use this feature. In this example free form invoice, there is a line item with “Production” […]

FreshBooks Integration

FreshBooks FreshBooks is cloud accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. With Intervals you can copy your Invoices directly to your FreshBooks account. Please note if you have a FreshBooks Classic account it is not supported at this time. Only the new version of FreshBooks is supported. NOTE: Compound taxes are not supported at […]

Visual Dashboard for Projects

The visual dashboard is similar to a report. But, instead of simply churning out numbers, the visual project dashboard gives organization and structure to your project data, and answers two important questions… How healthy are my projects? The top half of the visual dashboard consolidates all of the project data returned by the filters and organizes the data into […]

QuickBooks Online Integration

How do I integrate QuickBooks Online with my Intervals account? Any Administrator or Manager with access to Invoices can integrate QuickBooks by authorizing the connection. The connection can also be initialized any time a new invoice is exported. When viewing an invoice, click the export icon below: Or an Administrator with access to Settings & Defaults can […]

Personalizing Intervals

Mold Intervals to match your workflow and processes It all starts in Settings & Defaults. This section houses the defaults established when your Intervals account was first created. Want to customize Intervals and make it match your look with your own logo? No problem, just upload it. Don’t need the default modules or task status from […]

How do tasks span on the home page calendar?

Here is an example showing how tasks show up using the homepage calendar. This view helps you visualize tasks over all the days in which they have been scheduled. It also reveals if there are any gaps: To enable this view, check the box for Tasks on the sidebar filter: A different way to view tasks on […]

Is there a Kanban view available?

Kanban functionality is integrated into the task listing via the Card view functionality. The task listing has three different ways to view tasks. Task Views – Table, Card, & Simple Table view (Default task listing) Card view (Kanban board) Simple view (Simplified task listing) Switching into the Card view of tasks launches the fully integrated […]

Xero Integration for Intervals

Intervals now supports the ability to export an invoice to a Xero friendly CSV file. Import the file into the popular online accounting software to save yourself time spent entering invoices twice. Below are the steps to walk you through the process of importing invoices into Xero. Exporting an invoice from Intervals To export the invoice, first […]

Integrating Slack into the Work Request Queue

Slack is a messaging app for teams who want to communicate and share files online. Intervals has integrated its Request Queue with Slack. When a new request is created in your request queue, Intervals will send a message to the Slack channel you selected to be notified. The Slack – Request Queue integration is a quick and […]

Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is easily the most popular cloud-based document service available today. Use Intervals Google Drive integration to access spreadsheets, documents, photos, and anything else you’ve got stashed in your Drive account. If you have any trouble completing the integration please contact support. To attach files from Google Drive: From anywhere document uploads is available, click on […]

How to disable popup blocking with Google Drive integration

Google Chrome If you see a “Pop-up blocked” message, like below, click it and then check the option for “Always allow pop-ups from…” and click “Done”. Next hit CTRL + R on windows, or CMD + R on Mac to reload the page and proceed as needed. Firefox If you see the Google Drive pop up […]

As a resource level user, why can’t I close a task?

If you are a resource level user, a task cannot be closed unless you are the owner of the task. The reason it works this way is Intervals enforces a workflow that allows a task to be closed only after the owner has verified the task. As a resource level user if you are BOTH […]

Can I bulk update someone’s project access?

In Intervals a person’s project access can be modified in bulk by looking up the person in the people section and editing the Project Access section. When in edit mode you can toggle between showing only active projects or all projects. You can then update the projects you want them to have access to by […]

Can Intervals run from a custom domain?

If you are hoping to have Intervals run completely under your domain, unfortunately that is not possible at this time. If you would like more details, here is more information about why CNAME’s are not supported: CNAME intervals support There are two alternatives that rely on redirection or the HTML Frameset tag. One option is […]

Using the Daily Project Summary

The Daily Project Summary email is the most efficient way to get up to speed on a project. It contains the most recent information in an easy to read format. To receive a daily project status summary, simply follow a project and Intervals will dispatch a digest of the previous day’s activities to your inbox […]

Integrating HipChat into the Work Request Queue

## Update | 02/15/2019 ## Atlassian (the creator of HipChat) has announced that February 15th, 2019 is the official end of HipChat’s life. HipChat integration with Intervals will no longer work and the functionality will be removed from Intervals. More information about Atlassian’s decision to end HipChat and how you can export your data is […]

How do I make subtasks or to do lists?

With Intervals you can create checklists that behave just like subtasks. Checklists are useful when converting an outline of actionable items into a list of tasks that complete a bigger task. You can create checklists anywhere you see the advanced editor. To add a checklist, enable the editor and then click the checklist button. For […]

How do I use the Task Snapshot Report?

The Task Snapshot Report can generate many different views into your tasks using the “View by” filter to segment your data, and the “Filter options” section to control which clients, projects, etc, should appear. The “View by” filter controls how the tasks are segmented along the vertical axis. For the horizontal axis, you have the option of selecting start date, […]

Time Management

Curious where your time goes? Learn more about the best way to track time in Intervals. Intervals features timers throughout the application. You can start a timer by clicking the play button () on a task or on the General Timer in the footer: When you’re done, click “apply” to save the time and you […]

Task Management and Milestones

Too many projects, too little time, too much pressure… That is why we built Intervals. Juggle a lot of details and keep track of it all. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re overworked with too many responsibilities. If you bill hourly, all those details are costing you money if you’re not billing for “the little […]

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