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How do I locate and edit “general time” entries?

General time entries are time entries that are not associated with a task. When adding time manually or via a general timer you can select the desired task when applying time. A task is not required and general time can be applied to projects. An Intervals customer asked the following question: I have a project […]

What makes a task “unstarted”?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer. I’m new to Intervals and was looking at the list of projects and noticed that some tasks are marked as unstarted. I’ve looked at one of the tasks and made a comment. Does that mark it as started? A task will be included with unstarted tasks […]

Add a week’s worth of a time at once

One of the main reason’s why someone chooses Intervals over other time tracking systems is the valuable information that is learned from tracking time in a granular fashion. You have full control over your work types, rates, and module structure. You can setup your tracking however you like. If you need to see the time […]

Using the advanced theme editor to customize invoice PDFs

When you export an invoice to PDF, Intervals will apply the colors, fonts, and formatting from your current theme. While that works for most scenarios, there are times when you may want to customize the look of an invoice when saving it as a PDF. For example, some of our darker themes will produce a […]

Do I have to go to to search help articles?

You do not have to leave your Intervals account to search the help documentation. From within your account you can search the help articles directly. You can also contact our support team directly form within your account. Click on the help icon to launch the contextual help menu. The help articles that are suggested will […]

Task List Shortcuts

The task list is the default view when clicking on the Tasks tab. This page can be filtered in any number of ways to narrow down the listing. However, this page also includes a few shortcuts that can be used to update and review tasks without having to click through to each task first. The […]

Reset the cache on your account

If you are using your Intervals account and the experience is less than optimal, it is a good idea to reset the cache on your account to rule out any cache related issues. We use various caching mechanisms and on occasion the cache has to be force cleared. Here are instructions to put your account […]

I accidentally deleted a project or task. Can I undelete it?

When deleting a project there is a confirmation step that shows what is about to be deleted. This confirmation step is in place to make sure that the correct data is being deleted. However, accidental deletions still happen. If you do accidentally delete a project, task, or any other item, there is not a way […]

How do I get a demo? Some one-on-one help would be great.

If you have questions about the best way to use Intervals for your business and need some hands on help no problem. We use GoToMeeting so that we can share screens and walk through any questions. To get a demo scheduled, please complete this demo request form. Since Intervals is used by a lot of […]

Saving and scheduling reports for automated delivery

Video Introduction to Saving and Scheduling Reports This video introduces how to save a report and schedule it for automated delivery. Saving a report allows you to run the report again in the future with a single click, and scheduling the report allows you to deliver a PDF or CSV version of the report to […]

How do I see the desktop site on my mobile device?

This help article addresses using the mobile browser and not the Intervals mobile app that can be installed on your mobile device. The mobile app has a more limited experience by design and contains commonly used aspects of Intervals (time tracking, task management, searching for project notes, etc.). When using the mobile browser your mobile […]

Using the bulk edit utility to edit multiple work types

The Settings & Defaults section features a bulk edit utility that can be utilized to quickly update defaults. For example, you might need to deactivate several default modules at once, or change the hourly rate of several default work types. This video example shows how to set work types to active or inactive using the […]

How do I collapse the footer dock to hide the timers?

The footer includes timers and the search bar. The functionality allows you to start, stop, and apply timers from any page. The search functionality allows you to search for tasks, projects, project notes, documents, people, invoices, and the work request queue. There is a link to the advanced search as well. If you find yourself […]

How to implement a task approval workflow

Intervals is a flexible workflow management tool that enables you to implement your favorite methodology. If approving tasks is an important part of your task management workflow, this article will show you how to set it up. Setting up task statuses Task statuses are the steps that a task will traverse on its path from […]

Is there an audit trail on task changes? Are changes logged?

Intervals logs and keeps track of any changes on tasks via the action history. Whenever a task summary changes an email is sent notifying the task owners and assignees of the change. Intervals will markup what has been removed in red with a strike-through and anything new is highlighted in green. This functionality helps bring […]

Using emojis in task comments, project notes, and more

Just say it with emojis! Many teams using Intervals are remote and when working remote, it can be challenging to express yourself effectively. Emojis allow for humor, sarcasm, or to lighten up a difficult task when more than just words are needed. Since this functionality was already available in Windows and macOS, it was a […]

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