What happens to my data when I cancel?

We understand Intervals might not be the right fit for your needs. After an account is canceled the data is deleted from our servers after seven days except for some aggregate usage data that is maintained. If you decide to re-activate an account the data will not be recoverable if it has been longer than […]

Can I export my data?

Account data can be exported directly from within Intervals. Each major section of Intervals is available for export in XML and CSV format. To export all of your account data, you’ll need to be an administrator level user with access to Settings & Defaults. It can be found by clicking on Options > Settings & […]

How is data backed up?

Databases are replicated in real-time at the data center. Backups are encrypted and stored in a secure facility located in a a different geographical location nightly with monthly retention. Documents are replicated to multiple storage points. If a document is deleted from Intervals, it is deleted from the backup a few hours later. Detailed information […]

Can I include my VAT number in my monthly receipt?

If your official VAT number must be associated with the account we can definitely do this. There is a Customer Billing ID associated with each account and it can be set to whatever is needed. For example, we can change it to be something like Company Name (VAT No 123456789). If a VAT number receipt […]

My credit card shows a charge from pelagoservices.com why?

Why am I being charged? Intervals, web-based time, task & project management software Pelago is a software development company based in Santa Barbara, CA and has been in business since 2000. Pelago is the creator of Intervals, a web-based task, time and project management service that is used by small businesses in over 100 countries […]

Can I change my account name?

The account name can be changed by going to Options >> Settings & Defaults. The name is located under Company/Account Name. When this field is updated all future outgoing emails are also be updated.

How do I view my receipts?

All past receipts/invoices for the monthly subscription charge are available directly within the account. They are available by logging in and and navigating to Options >> Plan Info >> Billing history. All receipts can be printed or exported to PDF. Here is what the billing history page looks like. If you need to have the monthly […]

What types of payment do you accept?

There is no long term contract and the service is a month-to-month subscription. We currently accept credit card payments for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. Debit cards for Visa and MasterCard are accepted as well.

Can I upgrade or downgrade to a different plan?

When upgrading or downgrading an account there is no proration. We prefer to keep our billing as simple and straightforward as possible. This means that when you change your plan you are granted immediate access to the new plan. However, you won’t be charged the new amount until your next monthly billing date. Any administrator […]

How do the active project limits work?

Intervals pricing is based on the number of active projects, where each plan limits the number of projects based on the plan. Note: this does not apply to plans that offer unlimited active projects. When a project is completed, we recommend deactivating it to hide it in the project list. You can do this by […]

How do I cancel my account?

An account can be canceled by logging in and navigating to the Plan Info page. On the Plan Info page there is a link to cancel the account. When an account is canceled, per our terms of service, all account data is deleted from our servers except for some general usage data. After an account is […]

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