Using Google sign in to create an Intervals trial account

After selecting an Intervals plan, you will be prompted to create an Intervals Administrator account. Click on the “Sign in with Google” button to create this account using your Google account. If you are already signed into your Google account, you will be taken to the final step of the sign up. Note: If you […]

Using emojis in task comments, project notes, and more

Just say it with emojis! Many teams using Intervals are remote and when working remote, it can be challenging to express yourself effectively. Emojis allow for humor, sarcasm, or to lighten up a difficult task when more than just words are needed. Since this functionality was already available in Windows and macOS, it was a […]

Daily Summary of Tasks email

If you’d like to be alerted of Tasks that are due today, you can sign up to receive the Daily Summary of Tasks email. In the email you will find: Milestones due today Notes on the calendar Tasks due today Links to tasks due this week and overdue tasks Here is an example of what […]

Can I see when team members applied their time?

If you would like to see when time is being added by your team members, there is a somewhat hidden feature that might help. By exporting their timesheet or individual time entries, the “Date Modified” column will show when the person added or edited each time entry. For example: It can be used to show […]

Can I disable the Advanced Editor being on by default?

By default, the Advanced Editor is turned on. If you don’t typically use the Advanced Editor and prefer to have it turned off by default, there is an option under your account settings to disable this option. Please note: You can always toggle between plain text editing and the Advanced Editor within Intervals. This setting, […]

How do I modify an already approved timesheet?

When a timesheet has been approved, it becomes “locked” and changes are unable to be made. There are instances where a timesheet may need to be modified, e.g. time was assigned to the wrong project or module. In order to make a change to a “locked” timesheet, the timesheet will need to be unapproved. To […]

Bulk submitting and approval of timesheets

Only administrator level users can approve timesheets. Administrator level users see all projects and are not limited by the project permissions, so any administrator level user can submit and approve time. Even if doing a detailed review of timesheets is not part of your process, we recommend approving timesheets regularly to “lock” in the tracked […]

View more data by hiding filters

Intervals captures a lot of data and it can be quite challenging to squeeze all the information onto one page. We’ve incorporated a way to “hide/unhide” the filters on the list pages, as well as the home page, to provide more screen real estate. Above the filters, click on the collapse arrow to hide/unhide (see […]

Calendar Orientation Setting

Intervals has a system wide calendar orientation setting that can be edited by any Administrator with access to Settings & Defaults. This default setting will be selected for all newly created users. Each user has the option to override this setting and select their own calendar orientation on their profile page. A Monday – Sunday […]

Can users edit and delete their own comments?

By default, only Administrator level users are allowed to edit and delete comments on tasks and milestones. Administrators can grant permission to Manager and Resource level users allowing them to edit and delete their own comments.   Note: Administrator level users are the only users that can edit and delete ALL comments. To grant access: […]

How do I change an Inactive project to Active?

Administrator level users can easily change a project from Inactive to Active. 1. Find the Inactive project navigate to the “Projects” Tab. Click on the gear icon on the far right and ensure the option “Show active projects only” is unchecked. If needed, you can add filter options in the left sidebar, to narrow down […]

Can I include Closed tasks in my task list?

Sometimes it’s helpful to see “tasks from the past” when working on specific projects. To easily add them to your current view of tasks, check the box “Include closed tasks,” located under the filter options in the left side bar. Note: this option will remain selected until it is unchecked. The “Clear filter” link does […]

Tracking time on tasks

In Intervals most time is tracked directly onto tasks, although it is not a must. Below are ways in which time can be added to tasks. 1. From the Task List page Right click on task > select Add Time from the menu Note: Right click is available on any location of the task row […]

Update items quickly via Drag & Drop on Calendar

From the Home Page Calendar, quickly update the following items via drag and drop: Task start & due dates Milestone due dates Notes to different days 1. Update task start or due date Drag the beginning of a task to update the start date Drag the end of the task to update the due date Drag the […]

Easily add time from the Home Page

From the Home Page you can quickly and easily add time. Here are a few shortcuts. Ways to add time in Week calendar view Click on the Add Time button. Right click on a day to add time for that day. Need to enter multiple time entries? Click on Add multiple time entries link. Right click […]

Easily add time from your Timesheet

Here are a few shortcuts that might help make adding time to your timesheet a little faster. Right click on already existing time Right clicking in a specific row and column will display an add time window for that day with the client/project pre-filled. Right click on a day in the header Right clicking on […]

How do I update my payment / credit card information?

Log into your account and navigate to Options >> Plan Info.   In the left side bar navigation, click on Update billing Info. Enter your new debit/credit card or billing information and click Save. That’s it! You’re all set. On your next billing cycle, your new card will be charged and the regular monthly receipt […]

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