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How do I close a task?

Once a task is closed it is pushed into the background by design to prevent clutter. There are options to search for and view closed tasks if you ever need to find the work history on a closed task. See more info in these articles: Can I include Closed tasks in my task list? Can […]

Is there a way to round up time entered?

Yes, but there is a caveat. Some customers like to have uniformity when entering time, so data in reports is easier to digest. Intervals provides a feature for rounding up time when it is being entered. This is most useful when using timers, because timers can stop at odd times. To allow for consistent time […]

The Daily Task Digest email and how to manage your email preferences

The Daily Task Digest email has replaced the previous Daily Summary of Tasks email. Why was this change made? Previously the Daily Summary of Tasks email was only sent to task assignees that had tasks due for that day. We received a healthy amount of feedback that this was less than ideal. Through feature requests […]

📱 Logging in via the “send me an email link”

If you’re having trouble logging in for any reason, e.g. you don’t remember your domain name, you forgot your username and password, Intervals can send a link via email that will log you in automatically, simply by clicking on the link from your mobile device. Here are the steps for requesting a login link on […]

📱 Using the Request Queue via the Mobile App

When you are away from your desk, you can check the request queue on your iPhone or Android device. The request queue can be used to convert requests into tasks, append a new request to an existing task. The request queue is a great way to keep customer (or internal) work requests moving by setting […]

📱 Can timesheets be submitted and approved via the mobile app?

Timesheets can be submitted and approved via the mobile app, but the “manage timesheets” section is not available. If you need to submit your timesheet for approval while on the go, that can be done via the mobile app. If you are managing timesheets and need to run reports and review sets of time data, […]

📱 How do I switch between accounts when using the mobile app

If you have multiple Intervals accounts, you’ll need to log out in order to switch to a different account. At this time, it is not possible to be logged into multiple accounts at the same time on the mobile app. Follow these steps to switch to a different account: Below is a video demonstrating the […]

📱 What can I search for on the mobile app?

On the mobile app, you are able to search for Tasks, Projects & Project Notes. Here are the steps for searching in the mobile app: Click on the magnifying glass icon Enter the search term Select what you want to search for Click the Go button To further refine your search, click on the additional […]

📱 Viewing time entries with the daily and weekly view

With the mobile app you can view your time entries via the daily view and view your timesheet via the weekly view. When viewing the time section, the daily view will have the detailed time entries for each day. You can navigate through the week by clicking on each day. The weekly view is like […]

Using Google sign in to create an Intervals trial account

After selecting an Intervals plan, you will be prompted to create an Intervals Administrator account. Click on the “Sign in with Google” button to create this account using your Google account. If you are already signed into your Google account, you will be taken to the final step of the sign up. Note: If you […]

Using emojis in task comments, project notes, and more

Just say it with emojis! Many teams using Intervals are remote and when working remote, it can be challenging to express yourself effectively. Emojis allow for humor, sarcasm, or to lighten up a difficult task when more than just words are needed. Since this functionality was already available in Windows and macOS, it was a […]

Can I see when team members applied their time?

An Intervals customer sent the following email: Can you see when timesheets were modified? I’m wondering about when time entries were edited. If you would like to see when time is being added (or modified) on a timesheet by your team members, there is a somewhat hidden feature that might help. By exporting their timesheet […]

Can I disable the Advanced Editor being on by default?

By default, the Advanced Editor is turned on. If you don’t typically use the Advanced Editor and prefer to have it turned off by default, there is an option under your account settings to disable this option. Please note: You can always toggle between plain text editing and the Advanced Editor within Intervals. This setting, […]

How do I modify an already approved timesheet?

When a timesheet has been approved, it becomes “locked” and changes are unable to be made. There are instances where a timesheet may need to be modified, e.g. time was assigned to the wrong project or module. In order to make a change to a “locked” timesheet, the timesheet will need to be unapproved. To […]

Bulk submitting and approval of timesheets

Only administrator level users can approve timesheets. Administrator level users see all projects and are not limited by the project permissions, so any administrator level user can submit and approve time. Even if doing a detailed review of timesheets is not part of your process, we recommend approving timesheets regularly to “lock” in the tracked […]

View more data by hiding filters

Intervals captures a lot of data and it can be quite challenging to squeeze all the information onto one page. We’ve incorporated a way to “hide/unhide” the filters on the list pages, as well as the home page, to provide more screen real estate. Above the filters, click on the collapse arrow to hide/unhide (see […]

Calendar Orientation Setting

Intervals has a system wide calendar orientation setting that can be edited by any Administrator with access to Settings & Defaults. This default setting will be selected for all newly created users. Each user has the option to override this setting and select their own calendar orientation on their profile page. A Monday – Sunday […]

Can users edit and delete their own comments?

By default, only Administrator level users are allowed to edit and delete comments on tasks and milestones. Administrators can grant permission to Manager and Resource level users allowing them to edit and delete their own comments.   Note: Administrator level users are the only users that can edit and delete ALL comments. To grant access: […]

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